Sheer Blue Bliss

Did Patrick Mount, philosopher and visionary, discover the secret of sheer bliss? And why did he disappear? If Connie Benson, his former lover, knows the secret, she’s not telling. A reclusive artist, she has kept her final portrait of Mount under wraps for over thirty years. Finally, she has decided to unveil it at a London exhibition. But stepping out of seclusion brings her into the orbit of one of Mount’s most terrifying deciples. As events veer out of control, Connie finds herself fighting for her life…

‘Crime writing of the highest order, creepy … with satisfying fits of the shivers.’
– Sunday Times

‘An addictive emotional thriller.’
– Independent

‘Glaister, along with Ruth Rendell, has almost cornered the market in writing horror stories set in the suburbs.’
– The Times