The last time Dodie sees her mother alive, Stella is unusually busy, tattily splendid in an old red velvet dress. Soon after this, Dodie’s brother Seth goes missing: the only trace of him is through postcards signed ‘Yours in the Lord’ addresses from the Soul Life Centre, New York state.

When Stella hangs herself, Dodie must leave her baby Jake at home and cross the Atlantic to bring Seth beck from the mysterious Soul Life Centre. But when she arrives, Seth is always one day away from seeing her. She becomes drawn — not always willingly — into the Brothers and Sisters’ communal living, meditation, fasting and chanting. Until baby Jake unexpectedly arrives at Soul Life and events take a shocking turn for Dodie.

In a parallel narrative, Stella’s sister Melanie tells the story of their teenage years in the 1970s and their shared affair with Bogart, a messianic hippy with shrewd ambition. These two compelling stories collide in a series of shocking revelations and an exhilarating conclusion. Heartfelt and frightening,Chosen is Lesley Glaister at the top of her game.

‘A stunning take on religious cults.’
– Sophie Hannah

Frightening yet eerily beautiful, her novels are fresh, inventive and deeply-felt.’
– Hilary Mantel

‘A natural storyteller who knows how to keep the reader turning the pages’
– Independent

‘Great on the way that even people who style themselves as strong and sceptical can, when they’re vulnerable and the right buttons are pushed, yield to arch manipulations. Glaister is an agile, attentive writer who deserves to be read’
– Guardian